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Monday, September 24, 2018

Engage for successHow good are you at engaging your people?

What does this mean?

How does this impact your business results either negatively or positively?

Back in 2009 the Government sponsored the Macleod Report, that looked specifically at the above questions. The findings were astonishing and very conclusive. Employee engagement has a major impact on productivity, retention, customer satisfaction, innovation and ultimately the bottom line. And, generally, it's something we're not very good at! The summary of their findings to date can be found at: http://www.engageforsuccess.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/The-Evidence.pdf

** Employee engagement is a critical business issue **

A Gallup study of 23 thousand business units found those with the highest engagement scores (top 25%) averaged 18% higher productivity than those with the lowest engagement scores (bottom 25%).

Companies with high and sustainable engagement levels had an average 1 year operating margin that was close to 3 times higher than those with lower engagement (Towers Watson 2012).

As a result, over 1,000 businesses have now joined the Engage for Success movement, and specifically, have signed up to various Special Interest Groups (SIG), to share insights and experiences on how to improve employee engagement across British Industry.

An SME Special Interest Group has been established and as the first part of our programme of work, we are reviewing the current state of employee engagement in this important part of the economy. Fostering employee engagement in SMEs is critical given that SMEs account for 60% of the UK workforce and 50% of GDP. If you would like more information about the Special Interest Group please contact michelle@3ease.com.

We invite you to complete this short 20 question survey. In exchange, you will receive a report showing the anonymised results. We also ask as part of the survey if you would be willing to be contacted for a follow-up face-to-face or phone interview. Our hope is to also gain a more in depth understanding of the pressures, realities and potential barriers to engagement within different industries.

Please provide your name, email address (for verification) and contact number:

Name: * req Please tick the boxes below to indicate if you would like to participate in any follow up and if you's like a copy of the findings when they are published.
Company: Yes I am happy to participate in a follow up call/meeting
Email: * req Yes I would like to receive a copy of the findings when they are published
Telephone: (Please note these are only for our use and will absolutely not be passed on)

In anticipation of your contribution, we thank you!

We ask you for a few demographic details up-front to inform our data analysis (for example to see if particular practices are associated with turnover or industry sector). We treat each survey response confidentially, and you are only required to provide your contact details if you would be willing to take part in a follow up call.

The main body of the survey only has 20 questions so usually takes only a few minutes to complete. Every response we receive is read with great care and interest.

You may change your answers at any time until the point at which you click the Finish Survey button. Should you have any difficulties with the survey then please email surveyhelp@3ease.com.



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